Meet The Team

James, business coach

Claudia, Digital Strategist

Claudia, Digital Strategist


James is a trained Corporate Training Manager through Dale Carnegie and Career Track Seminars. During his 12 years of U.S. Army service, the military used his coaching to their advantage as a trainer at Fort Indiantown Gap. The military also utilized his skills as a recruiter. 

During his time with your company, he will provide several training seminars, individually and/or corporately, to improve productivity.  

We can boast that his success rate is 100%. We are so confident in James' coaching abilities here at Kristina Cornell & Co. that if you do not see increase in your business within the first 90 days, we will give back 50% of our fees.

You can message James here, and/or schedule an appointment with him today!

Claudia, Digital Strategist

Claudia, Digital Strategist

Claudia, Digital Strategist


Claudia is a graduate from Shippensburg University, 

Shippensburg, PA, with a Bachelors Degree in Human Communication Studies. She currently serves as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. 

She loves to bring people, ideas, and inspiration together to help transform companies into beloved brands by showcasing them on digital platforms. Because she utilizes her leadership skills and communication abilities to create concise strategies for our clients, Claudia is a key component to the success of Kristina Cornell & Co.

Make sure you message Claudia... she loves to hear new ideas! 

Bella, social media director

Bella, social media director

Bella, social media director


Bella is currently a Junior at Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA.

She is studying Psychology with a focus on counseling and therapy. 

She gives her time and resources as she participates in philanthropy for her sorority (Sigma Serves Children); and

also volunteers for several different community services throughout the year. Bella's passion for helping others and listening to their hearts, makes her an incredible asset for Kristina Cornell & Co., especially on such a social level.

She enjoys having fun, putting together new ideas for brands, and making videos to promote them. 

Say hello to Bella! 

isabella, media editor

Bella, social media director

Bella, social media director


Although a young lady, Isabella is making her mark on the music scene. Having played multiple instruments, produced, written, and/ or arranged several of the songs you are hearing on Christian radio, today! 

Isabella was born in Nashville, TN and spent most of her life on the road, touring with her mother.  She spent her childhood in many different areas of the country and feels this has truly enriched her life.  She describes her best day as being on the road, heading somewhere she’s always wanted to see!

Her creativity in all media platforms makes her an amazing fit for Kristina Cornell & Co., and she would love to hear from you!